This section offers a selection of publications related to the exhibitions program linked to the phenomenon of Post-conceptual Figuration, accompanied by a data sheet and a selection of published texts, accessible via an alphabetical search. The addition of new contents will be on-going.













Critic and exhibition curator

Degree in Philosophy from the University of Granada and a degree in documentation from the National Library of Madrid.

He has been an art critic for newspapers such as; ABC, and El Cultural by El Mundo.

Exhibition curator for the young art program in the Community of Madrid and the project of emerging art in the Social Works of Caja Madrid.

Exhibition curator for the cycle Figuraciones 1999-2002.



Selected publications:

Grandes Marchantes. Siglos XVIII, XIX y XX, Madrid, Edarcón, 1988.

Grandes Coleccionistas. Siglos XIX y XX, Madrid, Edarcón, 1988.

La escultura española contemporánea, 1800-1978: historia y evaluación crítica, Madrid, Edarcón, 1978.

Tàpies/Meditaciones/1976, Madrid, Rayuela, 1976

Martínez Novillo, Madrid, Centro Cultural de la Villa, 2001.

Salvador Montó: el paisaje interior, Madrid, Edarcom, 1999.

Farreras. Proceso y análisis de su pintura, Madrid, Rayuela, 1979.


Select curated:

Escultura Multiplicada (Ministerios de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cultura, 1986).

Figuraciones. Arte Civil + Magicismo + Espacios Fronterizos (Obra Social Caja Madrid, 2002).