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El Faro de Cabo Mayor. Santander. July 2015.

The work of Emilio Gonzalez Sainz (Torrelavega, 1961) returns to Santander, one of the unmissable events of the summer for art lovers, who enjoy greatly with his exhibition "Visionaries" in the words its author, refers to "... on the one hand to those dreamers characters and somewhat enlightened. Furthermore, a set of views. A set of visions neatly collected by a collector. This second meaning is not in the dictionary, but my invention I ... And so are these paintings. Visions. Daydreams. They are paintings that emerge from the brush. It seems like magic. The painter sits in front of the canvas and nothing else must surrender to the dream. Squints and, without knowing how, someone introduces you to the table and it will be revealed. "


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