1980 first exhibition held in 1979 Madrid, commissioned by Juan Manuel Bonet, Quico Rivas and Angel Gonzalez for the Juana Mordo gallery .


Madrid D. F. (Madrid City) held in 980, and commissioned by Narciso April Buades gallery director, in collaboration with Juan Manuel Bonet.


Otras figuraciones (Other figurations) held in 1981 and commissioned by Maria Corral.


El retorno del hijo pródigo (The return of the prodigal son) has two editions in 1991 and 1992, called by the artist Dis Berlin. The first was held in Buades gallery and the second in the Columela gallery.


Muelle de Levante (Levante Pier) held in 1994 in the Club Diario Levante (Levante newspaper room) was commissioned by Juan Manuel Bonet and Nicolás Sánchez Durá.


The cycle of exhibition Visiones sin centro (Visions without center) held between 1998 and 1999, was an initiative by David Perez for the Consortium of Museums of the Valencia Generalitat.


Canción de las figuras (Song of the figures) of 1999 was conceived by the curator Enrique Andres Ruiz as an anthology of Spanish figurative painting between two centuries and also had an international itinerary.


The Figuraciones (Figurations) cycle held between 1999 and 2003 is the brainchild of critic José Marín -Medina and supported by Juan Manuel Bonet, Javier Barón, Guillermo Solana, Juan Lacomba and Miguel Fernández Cid as curators.


The first show held in a museum institution dedicated exclusively to the pioneers, Los esquizos de Madrid (The schizos of Madrid) in 2009, an initiative by Quico Rivas and commissioned by María Escribano, Ivan López Munuera and Juan Pablo Wert for the Reina Sofia Museum.


In January 2013, the exhibition Aire de familia (Air of family) was presented within the project Derivas de la Nueva Figuración Madrileña (Derivas of the New Madrileña Figuration) held in Madrid. The last reference is the first cross-analysis of the phenomenon held in Air of family. An approach to Post-conceptual Figuration, commissioned by Paco de la Torre in My Name’s Lolita Art Gallery in Madrid. Derivas raised for the first time a reflection on the development of the proposed renewal of the pictorial image that a group of young painters from Madrid in the early 1970s, to which, a great number of artists have been added to over the years —from neo-metaphysical painters to the neo-pop to the young painter from Seville— that from his individuality has been providing new poetics in the context of these key concepts.