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GLORIA MARTÍN. El traslado de la imagen

(The Moving Image) Huelva Museum. Huelva. October 2014.


The word image has many meanings, including a representation of something (applicable to a work of art) or the representation of a divinity. The latter meaning closely connected to my city, where often the term used religious image.

'The Moving Image' is a painting project that has to do with art historical memory and the absence of the artwork in the museum context. It is inspired mostly images that documented the evacuation of major museums during a wartime period, including the Louvre during the Second World War or the Prado during the Civil War. Speaking of art through its absence, using the old resource box within a box, but giving back: the absence of the picture within the picture.

For years I have been developing a plastic research around the concept of the museum. I am interested in the idea of ​​the museum as an instrument of legitimation of the art object as a temple of art, as a sacred place or shrine that awaits a treasure.

The idea of ​​the empty museum today becomes the turning bleak picture of the war museum in a possible metaphor for the situation that crosses culture today.

Gloria Martín. October 2014. Text catalog.




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