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TRAVESÍAS. MUELLE DE LEVANTE_20 AÑOS (JourneysLEVANTE PIER_20 YEARS). Atarazanas. Valencia. October 2014.


Organizers: Ajuntament de València. Delegación de Cultura
Place: Atarazanas de Valencia
Data: 23 October 2014 – 6 January 2015
Curators: Juan Lagardera and Paco de la Torre
Authors: Enric Balanzà, Andrea Bloise, Calo Carratalá, Fernando Cordón, Juan Cuéllar, Ángel Mateo Charris, Paco De la Torre, Dis Berlin, Antoni Domènech, Pedro Esteban, Damián Flores, Alberto Gálvez, Carlos García-Alix, La Mutua Artística (José V. Martín and Iván Albalate), Joël Mestre, Tomás Mendoza, Roberto Mollá, Jordi Ribes, Antonio Rojas, Gino Rubert, Gonzalo Sicre, Jorge Tarazona, Santi Tena, Teresa Tomás and Aurelia Villalba.

Sponsored by Heineken
With the collaboration of Mapfre, ABBA Acteón, Hotel Marina Atarazanas, Arte10.com, Valencia City, OFP Observatorio de la Figuración Postconceptual, L3C Multimedia, Departamento de Pintura UPV.


In the year 2014 two decades of holding the spring exhibition of Levante Pier (Club Diario Levante, Valencia 1994), a cross-reference of the new Spanish figurative painting, the east nucleus was called "neometaphysics" to distinguish it from other artistic phenomena are met as the New Figuration Madrileña or the sevilliana painting or eighties.

It was in the early 90s when, from individual stances and common key, a group of artists expressed a way of understanding the painting based on tradition and the contributions of the vanguard. In the Mediterranean axis, especially in Valencia, where was their busiest epicenter. This original proposal draws on influences as varied as comics, film, literature, architecture and painting itself. Many of the artists that twenty years ago were part of Levante Pier, and some others I could have participated, two decades after the exposure regroup Journeys.

A sample that wants to be first and foremost a celebration of that event by analyzing the current state of the artistic phenomenon and strong record of artists who, in one way or another, involved in its development. Its many cultural references ranging from Tintin Micky Mouse, Moby Dick the western, architectural rationalism or cubism to surrealism, Modiano Gongora, through a thorough knowledge of art history and the influence of poetic painters bordered by Hopper as conceptual avant-garde, Morandi, Deineka, De Chirico and Balthus.

Journeys shows a representative variety of poetry, which include concepts coming from realism as Garcia-Alix, Flowers and Carratalá, to the abstractions of Dis Berlin, Gordon, Domènech and Molla. Between the two extremes we find the media complicity with the photographic image, film and present in the work of Sicre, Charris, Villalba, Rubert, Mutual Art and Tena. The essential configuration of Balanzà, Mendoza, Bloise, Esteban Gálvez and Tarazona. Hybrid spaces Rojas and de la Torre. To conclude with synthetic images of Mestre, Cuellar, Ribes and Teresa Tomas.


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