This section offers a selection of program exhibitions related to the phenomenon of post-conceptual Figuration, accompanied by a data sheet and a selection of works presented and the participating artists, accessible via an alphabetical search. The addition of new contents will be on-going.


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Sevilla 1977

Lives and works in Sevilla





Included in generational exhibitions Los Claveles. Joven Pintura Sevillana (Los Claveles. An approach to the young painters of Sevilla) and Figurations of Sevilla / Horizonte 2000. Linked to Sala de Star and the galería Rafael Ortíz of Sevilla.



José Miguel Pereñíguez builds images of great conceptual burden due to the complexity of his approaches as well the importance he attaches to the creative process and the setting of the story. His work reflects the concept of figuration from a deep understanding of the image and the resources used in his representation from the educated painting to the most eccentric subcultural aesthetics.


Pereñíguez make available the language, style and images to serve the symbolic nature of the work, questioning the socio-culturally recognized canons with renewed Dadaist spirit. These new readings that the author plans, pursues to restore the meaning ability of the image through deviations from the usual aspect of things in order or reveal its origin, composition or purpose.


His work challenges the fetishism towards the art object by a subtractive use of technical means or the integration of procedural stories in the configuration of its devices. His works are conceived in strata where the development of the idea is superimposed on the image thus becoming the testimony of a process that is enriched through the use of visual and technical resource programs to challenge the way to show and how to perceive. The still image is conceived, at some point, as a state of indefinite duration, without beginning or end, which captures deviations from the physical, cultural or moral aspect of what is represented.


Pereñíguez designs stories relating to matter and mind, representation and its meaning or history of culture, developed through narrative procedures which require knowledge of context and key. Highlights include his reflections on memory and aura in the context of technical reproducibility of images, an issue which has been addressed by translational and reproductions games in its interpretation of reproductive machines used applied arts, or in the making of drawings developed using a methodology based on migration between media and languages.



Among the pictorial references the following painters are highlighted: Piranesi, Georges Seurat, Paul Klee, Ed Ruscha, Blinky Palermo or Per Kirkeby.



Consulted bibliography: Pereñíguez, José Miguel, “Obra en negro”, in the exhibition catalogue José Miguel Pereñíguez. Obra en negro, Galería Birimbao, Sevilla, 2007. Montes, Javier, “Camino de perfección”, texto de la exposición José Miguel Pereñíguez. Lo Otro. Una exposición de arte aplicadas, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Sevilla, 2014.


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