This section is dedicated in presenting the authors related to the Post-conceptual Figuration discourse through a representative selection of their work, accompanied by an introduction to conceptual and aesthetic keys, accessible via an alphabetical search. This section is under development and new authors + will soon be incorporated.


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Sevilla 1974

Lives and works in Madrid





Founding member of the Richard Channing Foundation. Included in generational exhibitions Los Claveles. Joven Pintura Sevillana (Los Claveles. An approach to the young painters of Sevilla) and Figurations of Sevilla / Horizonte 2000. Linked to Sala de Star and the galería Rafael Ortíz of Sevilla.



Miki Leal paintings are born and justified from experience itself. His experiences are the major source of inspiration for his images and paintings and act as anchors for these thoughts. A process that provokes the need to tell without saying, using a cryptic and private language with complex and rich iconography that must be deciphered following indications that are included in her own work.


Leal produces compositions of great aesthetic and conceptual coherence by means of sceneries where the spectator is trapped when they identify with situations and familiar places thanks to a double process that individualizes the collective and sublimates the individual object presenting it is goal of pleasure and fulfillment.


The use of automatic processes in generating his pictures are complemented by inventive design tricks and spins, always surprising thank to the use of a naivety typical of sub-cultural, infantile or marginal products.


It is disconcerting his ability to integrate techniques and motifs in collages of rich and contradictory daily and exotic contradictory iconography from his stimulating collections of images. But the importance of syntax in the construction of his work comes from the interest in graphic codes, the narrative, the comic or music. It is the set that builds the painting.


In his works, the overlapping transparent images are noticeable that reveal the creative process to merge action and reflection in the same plane. Highlighted in its implementation is the use of a wide range of plastics resources from the various crafts, decorative arts, fine arts or design. Leal achieved and build a coherent pictorial space inhabited by figures, abstract shapes, patterns and color fields.


The real theme of his work is the search itself. A journey where one discovers new places and experiences new situations. Analysis is highlighted, reflection and recreation of aesthetic as rough and kischt, aesthetics of happiness or aesthetics of authenticity. A theme he has worked on while exploring their limits.



Among the pictorial references the following painters are highlighted: Larry Rivers, Roy Lichtenstein, Sigmar Polke, Philip Guston, Alex Katz or David Hockney.



Consulted bibliography: Navarro, Mariano, “La magia del creador”; Leal, Miki, “Miki en Canada”; Pereñíguez, José Miguel, “Un canadien errant (Grandes Clásicos del Canadá)”; Lacomba, Juan F., “Yo-joy/happy-Tu”, in the exhibition catalogue Miki Leal, Balada heavy, Madrid, Galería Magda Bellotti, 2007. D’Acosta, Sema “Plato combinado”,




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