This section is dedicated in presenting the authors related to the Post-conceptual Figuration discourse through a representative selection of their work, accompanied by an introduction to conceptual and aesthetic keys, accessible via an alphabetical search. This section is under development and new authors + will soon be incorporated.





forthcoming ARTISTS








Currently, the observatory is working to include the following authors in its ARTISTS repository:


Martín Begué, Sigfrido

Fuentes, Marcelo

García-Alix, Carlos

Franco, Carlos

Mollá, Roberto

Balanzá, Enric

Tarazona, Jorge

Goñi, Elena

Martín Godoy, Fernando

Moro, Teresa

Kaak, Angelica

Esteban, Pedro

Sanz, Sergio

Ortega, Pelayo

Cordón, Fernando

Mazarío, José Luis

González Sainz, Emilio

Rábago, Andrés Forns

Bada, Carlos

Franco, Belén

Bloise, Andrea

David Morales, Ramón

Gálvez, Alberto

Quintero, Sara

Blanco, Tania